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Aizdedzes sveces

Piedāvājumā BRISK aizdedzes sveces un arī kvēlsveces.
Aizdedzes sveču cenu lapa - šeit

Wide-range spark plugs
The centre electrode is from nickel alloy filled with copper core (SUPER) or from special nickel-yttrium alloy (SUPER YTTRIUM) with high heat conductivity what enables to optimize thermal balance of active parts of spark plug. Perfectly covers engine's demand at both low speeds driving with prevalence of cold starts and long-running highway driving.

Spark plugs BRISK SUPER / SUPER YTTRIUM are suitable for use of leaded and unleaded fuel.

Replacement interval:
max. 30.000 km (unleaded fuel)
max. 20.000 km (leaded fuel)

Spark plugs Extra
The centre electrode is from nickel alloy filled with cooper core. Two or three ground electrodes of BRISK Extra spark plugs enable the spark-gap construction which is opened into combustion chamber. This improves mixture ignition in the initial phase of ignition and inhibits flame extinction caused by heat transfer from electrodes.

The use of more electrodes extends change interval up to 60.000 km. Length stability of electrode gap and stability of thermal properties for long operating time predestine these spark plugs for use on wide variety of both, most up to date engines and engines of older construction.

These spark plugs are manufactured in two-electrode design with possibility of spark-over from burning deposits on insulator tip and in three-electrode design, too.

Replacement interval:
max. 60.000 km

Spark plugs Silver
Special spark plugs for gas-driven engines
LPG combustion has its unique problems. A lot of scientific studies proved already that the use of LPG as alternative fuel for internal combustion engines is advantageous from several points of view. The most important fact is, that engines which use LPG as fuel produce exhaust which is more environmentally friendly than exhaust produced by engines which combust petrol or diesel. At LPG combustion it is generated by 10% up to 25% less of carbon monoxide than at petrol combustion. Nevertheless carbon monoxide has a substantial effect on global warming.
With the view to ecology of operations the user are able to calculate the advantages of lower operating costs. LPG combustion has its unique problems, too. More difficult ignitability owing to inhomogeneous gas mixture in combustion chamber is one of them. Increased demand on ignition system voltage and more difficult starting-ability at low temperatures is the consequence. The spark plugs BRISK Silver which are designed specially for gas ignition in LPG-driven engines help to eliminate these problems.

Spark plugs BRISK Silver have special shape of spark gap which enable easier access of gases to flashover, silver center electrode with small diameter and electrode gap 0,55 mm, 0,7 mm and 0,9 mm.

The voltage demand of spark plug is considerably reduced by silver centre electrode with small diameter along with reduced ground electrode.

Replacement interval:
max. 30.000 km - LPG, CNG
max. 45.000 km - for petrol only

Spark plugs Platin
Spark plugs with platinum contact
For its high resistance the platinum contacts on active parts of spark plug electrodes assure electrode gap stability for a very long time. High resistance to erosion enables the use of thinner centre electrode what does not impede the flame front propagation in the first phases of ignition and herewith contributes to engine power increase.

Spark plugs BRISK Platin are manufactured with platinum contacts on both electrodes or on centre electrode only. In the marking system of spark plugs BRISK the spark plug with platinum contact on centre electrode is marked with "P" and the spark plug with two platinum contacts is marked with "PP".

High resistance of platinum to erosion enabled to extend change interval of spark plugs up to 90.000 km.

Replacement interval:
max. 90.000 km

Spark plugs Premium
The unique patent-registered spark plugs
Spark gap enabling surface flashover (extreme long) with the possibility of spark-over around full circumference 360°. Ignition spark will jump always at point of highest fuel concentration. Substantially higher flame propagation rate in the initial phase of flame propagation in the combustion chamber enables superior fuel energy utilization. The combustion velocity in conjunction with knock sensor assures engine-power increase. The spark gap of spark plugs BRISK PREMIUM "LGS" is protruded deep into combustion chamber.

Replacement interval:
max. 30.000 km

Spark plugs Iridium
Special spark plugs with iridium contact
The spark plugs BRISK Iridium have high ability for ignition of air-fuel mixture in combustion chamber. Small diameter of centre electrode tip made from iridium alloy and ground electrode centered through cutting to centre electrode decrease demand on voltage supplied by ignition system. Iridium alloy has high value of melting point with high resistance to erosion. The shape of ground electrode does not impede flame front propagation in combustion chamber. Good access of mixture to electrodes increases functional properties of spark plugs, power and vehicle's acceleration.

Replacement interval:
max. 50 running hours- sporting use
max. 45.000 km regular operation

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