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Coil-Overu sistēmas Monotube

H&R Height-Adjustable Mono-Tube Coil-Overs and Clubsport coil overs

H&R height adjustable mono-tube coil overs are designed for every driver who wants to realize his sporty ambitions with superior technical suspension solutions.
Decades of suspension experience are realized here: Development and production of high tension springs and shock absorbers is done at H&R. All parts are produced after OE standards. High quality mono-tube-shock absorber technique is combined with individually tuned springs and delivers a convincing lowering, a good driving experience without loosing the necessary comfort.
The most sporty version of the H&R height adjustable mono-tube coil overs are the H&R Clubsport coil overs in Nürburgring set up. A set up tested and usable on the race track is the first choice for a ambitious sporty driver.






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