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H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers

Even better driving dynamics and more exciting looks:
H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers make your car even sportier! By moving the wheel out from the hub, TRAK+ wheel spacers widen the stance of the vehicle and lower its roll center. This simple modification increases stability, which in turn provides improved handling, greater safety and of course, the sleek style you´ve been looking for. TRAK+ wheel spacers are made from a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy which is not only incredibly strong, but also very light (up to 70% lighter than camparable steel product) to minimize unsprung weight. TRAK+ wheel spacers are then hard anodized to insure a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching and oxidation. Like all of H&R´s street-engineered products, H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers are certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). H&R also has the right wheel bolts or nuts to install TRAK+ wheel spacers on most cars, with original or aftermarket wheels.






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